Interesting Readings of the Month – October 2017

Interesting Readings of the Month – October 2017

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We have collected some interesting readings and publications published regarding Gender Equality in Information Science and Technology from Partners, Institutions and researchers which provide news ideas and points of view on the matter of Gender Equality in ICT/IST.

We kindly recommend you, to have a look at them so you can keep in touch with all the news on the issue.

EQUAL-IST Project info

EQUAL – IST: The first project year at a glance – The implementation process and what is coming up.

Gender Equality Plans

Based on the assessment activities, the RPOs has developed a tailored GEPs that consider and address the local strengths and weaknesses. The design and development of the GEPs was discussed among all RPOs involved in the project and was further supported by an online crowdsourcing platform that has ensured the participatory design of GEPs and the maximum diffusion of knowledge among partners and stakeholders (academic staff member, gender experts, students, etc). The GEPs is now in the process of implementation.

You can find the Gender Equality Plan for each University at the following links:


«How Women Got Crowded Out of the Computing Revolution» Stephen Mihm, «Bloomberg View»
«Gender equality», European Commission
«Reasons for Leaving the Academy: Α Case Study on the ‘Opt Out’ Phenomenon among Younger Female Researchers», Wiley online Library, Mathias Wullum Nielsen
«Gender equality best in Sweden, worst in Greece»,


Gender Equality Index 2017: Measuring gender equality in the European Union 2005-2015 – Main findings, European Institute for Gender Equality
«Gender Equality Index 2017: Measurement framework of violence against women», European Institute for Gender Equality.
«Gender-Sensitive Indicators for Media: Framework of indicators to gauge gender sensitivity in media operations and content», UNESCO
«Economic benefits of gender equality in the EU: How gender equality in STEM education leads to economic growth», European Institute for Gender Equality.


«Gender Equality Index 2017», European Institute for Gender Equality.


Gender equality: why it matters, Sustainable Development, UN

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