GEP in the University of Munster (Germany)

The University of Munster, WWU, Department of Information Systems, DIS (Germany)

The Department of Information Systems (DIS, at the University of Munster (WWU) belongs to the University of Munster’s School of Business and Economics (MSBE, German: Fachbereich 04 – Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultat, FB4, – one of the 15 faculties at the WWU.

Download the: WWU Sustainability Plan on Gender Equality

Gender Equality Plan Progress Report

The GEP Progress Report is a brief summary of the activities and the interesting events that have taken place during the first implementation period.

The Report can be also used as an introduction to the Updated Gender Equality Plan that is currently under implementation.

WWW Progress Report File
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WWU Initial Gender Equality Plan

Based on the assessment activities, the RPO has developed a tailored GEP that considers and addresses the local strengths and weaknesses. The design and development of the GEP were discussed among all RPOs involved in the project and was further supported by an online crowdsourcing platform that has ensured the participatory design of GEPs and the maximum diffusion of knowledge among partners and stakeholders (academic staff member, gender experts, students, etc.) The first implementation period (October 2017 – May 2018) has been successfully completed. The second iteration is now in the process of implementation.

WWU Gender Equality Plan
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WWU Updated Gender Equality Plan

Here you can access the updated version of the WWU Gender Equality Plan.

The Plan was revised based on the outcomes of the 1st iteration of the GEP implementation and the feedback from the external evaluator of the EQUAL-IST project. On this document, you can find the identified challenges for WWU and the complete action plan that was formulated to address them.

WWU updated GEP file
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Initial status of gender distribution at DIS

Although there is a slightly positive trend over the last years, DIS still suffers from under-representation of women among both students and academic staff members. Although Information Systems is an interdisciplinary field, it is still being perceived as very technical and, hence, it is not immune to the gender imbalance observed in the other STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

In 2016 there were only 13.1% of female students in the undergraduate programme and 21.4% in the graduate programme.

As for the academic staff members, in 2016 20.8% of doctoral researchers (11 out of 53), 15.8% of postdoctoral researchers (3 out of 19), and only 1 professor out of 6 were women. These numbers, although prior to the EQUAL-IST project have not been analysed thoroughly, indicate the existence of gender vertical segregation at DIS.

Regarding the non-academic staff members, all members of the system administration team are men, while all secretaries and librarians are women. Thus, gender horizontal segregation can be observed at DIS as well. When searching for new academic staff members, DIS suffers from low numbers of applications at all levels (doctoral, postdoctoral, or professor). Moreover, the number of female applicants is constantly lower than the number of male ones.

Download the Report on the National Situation here
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Download the infographic of the National Situation here
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Working Group Members

  • Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Dr. h.c. Jorg Becker – Managing Director of the Department for Information Systems
  • Dr. Armin Stein – Managing Director of the European Research Center for Information Systems (ERCIS), EQUAL-IST Project Management Board Member
  • Dr. Michael Rackers – CEO of the Department for Information Systems
  • Dr. Katrin Bergener – Managing Director of the WWU Centre for Europe
  • Nadine Ogonek – Research Assistant at the Department for Information Systems, member of the MSBE Equal Opportunities Commission
  • Bettina Distel – Research Assistant at the Department for Information Systems
  • Janine Tratzki – WWU Consultant for Equal Opportunity Affairs
  • Elena Gorbacheva – EQUAL-IST WWU Project Leader
  • Madita Rabe – EQUAL-IST WWU Project Assistant