Interesting Readings of the Month – September 2017

Interesting Readings of the Month – September 2017

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We have collected some interesting readings and publications published regarding Gender Equality in Information Science and Technology from Partners, Institutions and researchers which provide news ideas and points of view on the matter of Gender Equality in ICT/IST.

We kindly recommend you, to have a look at them so you can keep in touch with all the news on the issue.

EQUAL-IST Project info

EQUAL – IST: The first project year at a glance – The implementation process and what is coming up. Click here.

Gender Issues in Partner Countries – Information and data

Check the national regulations on Gender Equality in the following countries along with Statistics on the Gender Distribution among Students and Staff Members at our Partners RPOs and their faculties in very short and concentrated (mini) reports.


«How shocking sexism becomes normal in ‘elite’ environments» Jane Gilmore, «Sydney Morning Journal». Click here.

«It took (only) six years for bots to start ditching outdated gender stereotypes», Michael J. Coren, «Quartz Media». Click here.

«UK gender-equality scheme spreads across the world», Elizabeth Gibney, «». Click here.

«6 men, no women promoted to top Eurocrat grade» Ryan Heath, «». Click here.

«Women in Science: How Close Are We to Achieving True Gender Equality? » Opinion at «thefreethinktank». Click here.

«Research suggests students are biased against female lecturers», «The Economist». Click here.


«IT-Enables Idea Crowdsourcing — A Mean to Promote Gender Equity in IT Research Institutions» is a study which has been presented in the Proceedings of the 25th European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS) in Portugal, by Gorbacheva Elena and Barann Benjamin.
Abstract and full publication can be found here.

«The LIBRA Recruitment Handbook – 2nd edition». Click here.

«Measuring Gender Equality, of the World Bank Group», GenPort. Click here.

«Practical Guide to improving Gender Equality in Research Organisations», Science Europe, Click here.


«Are you biased? I am», Kristen Pressner, TEDxBasel

The above articles, papers publications and studies have been collected from sites, posts, shares by our partners and via online search by the EQUAL-IST Team.

We would like to thank the following:

  • GenPORT
  • For their contribution and for being so active!