GEP in the University of Minho (Portugal)

University of Minho, UMINHO (Portugal)

University of Minho is a Public Foundation governed by private law, under the legal Regime of Higher Education Institutes.

The University’s mission is to create, spread and put knowledge into application, with free thinking and pluralism as its core values. Our goals are to promote higher education and to contribute to shape a model of society based on humanistic principles, in which knowledge, creativity and innovation contribute towards growth, sustainable development, well-being and solidarity.

The fulfillment of the mission referred to in the preceding paragraph is undertaken in an international reference framework, where scientific research plays a leading role in close articulation with teaching.

Download the: UMINHO Sustainability Plan on Gender Equality

Gender Equality Plan Progress Report

The GEP Progress Report is a brief summary of the activities and the interesting events that have taken place during the first implementation period.

The Report can be also used as an introduction to the Updated Gender Equality Plan that is currently under implementation.

UMINHO progress report
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UMINHO Initial Gender Equality Plan

Based on the assessment activities, the RPO has developed a tailored GEP that considers and addresses the local strengths and weaknesses. The design and development of the GEP was discussed among all RPOs involved in the project and was further supported by an online crowdsourcing platform that has ensured the participatory design of GEPs and the maximum diffusion of knowledge among partners and stakeholders (academic staff member, gender experts, students, etc). The GEP is now in the process of implementation.

UMINHO Gender Equality Plan
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UMINHO Updated Gender Equality Plan

Here you can access the updated version of the UMINHO Gender Equality Plan.

The Plan was revised based on the outcomes of the 1st iteration of the GEP implementation and the feedback from the external evaluator of the EQUAL-IST project. On this document, you can find the identified challenges for UMINHO and the complete action plan that was formulated to address them.

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Initial status of gender distribution at UMINHO

Women head one third of UMinho research centers (12 in 34). From the 11 Schools and Institutes of the UMinho, 7 are led by women. UMinho never had a woman as Rector although several Rector’s teams have already integrated women. There are no official figures on the career development at the UMinho in addition to these generic on female leadership of the various organizational units of the University. Since engineering is the area with more jobs and higher wages, it is clear that the study shows a clear lower appetite for educational programs in this area by the female students, which may lead to a more fragile economic and social situation in the future. The limited existing information on these and other gender issues, together with the fact that the education in Information Systems offered by the UMinho fall within the engineering area, point to the clear need to regularly monitor the progress of conditions that affect the professional and learning performance and of both genders.

Download the Report on the National Situation here
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Working Group Members

  • Rosa Vasconcelos – Associate Professor, Department of Textile Engineering, Vice President of the School of Engineering, President of the Pedagogic Council
  • Ricardo J Machado – Full Professor, Department of Information Systems, Director of the ALGORITMI Research Centre
  • Joao Alvaro Carvalho – Full Professor, Department of Information Systems, IS research and teaching
  • Emi?lia Rodrigues Arau?jo – Assistant Professor, Social Sciences Institute Researcher of gender issues (Social Sciences Department)
  • Solange Rito Lima – Assistant Professor, Informatics Department, Computer Science Researcher
  • Celina Pinto Leao – Assistant Professor, Production and Systems Department, Founding member of IEEE Portuguese Chapter of Women in Engineering (IEEE WiE)
  • Ana Margarida Trigo – PhD Student, Doctoral Program of Technologies and Information Systems, Leader of IEEE Portuguese Chapter of Women in Engineering (IEEE WiE)
  • Raquel Sofia Moreira Ferreira – Student, Department of Information Systems, Student of Master in Information Systems
  • Maria Joao Pinto – Assistant Professor, Department of Information Systems, IS research and teaching
  • Helena Cristina Rodrigues – Assistant Professor, Department of Information Systems, IS research and teaching
  • Maribel Yasmina Santos – Associate Professor with Habilitation, Department of Information Systems, IS research and teaching
  • Ana Alice Baptista – Associate Professor, Department of Information Systems, IS research and teaching
  • Isabel Ramos – Associate Professor with Habilitation, Department of Information Systems, Leader of EQUAL-IST Portuguese Team, President of the Portuguese Association for Information Systems
  • Victor Barros – Researcher Fellow, Department of Information Systems, Research Fellow of EQUAL-IST Portuguese Team, Vice-President of the Brazilian Chapter of Association for Information Systems