“Women’s Development in STEM” Forum, NGO STEM-COALITION, Kharkiv, Ukraine

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“Women’s Development in STEM” Forum, NGO STEM-COALITION, Kharkiv, Ukraine

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KhNUE EQUAL-IST Project team took part in the “Women’s Development in STEM” Forum and signed the Technology Pact for Women Development in STEM-companies.

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On April 20, 2018 the NGO STEM-COALITION organized the “Women’s Development in STEM” Forum within the framework of the Project “Technology Pact for Women Development in STEM-companies.”  The main goal of the Forum was to help women to find their calling in STEM and unlock their potential in the corporate sector, there is a need in the consolidation of educational institutions and companies for promotion of women in the technological sphere.  The number of women in Ukrainian technological companies amounts to 23%, and in general, there are very few of them at the top-managers’ level. Even more, forecasts concerning the attraction of female students from universities to STEM companies are very unfavourable: there are not so many girls among the students, and even fewer of them stay in the profession. Taking into account women’s abilities, ideas and leadership potential, one can state that human and economic resources of women haven’t been realized to the full extent. The EQUAL-IST Project “Gender Equality Plans for Information Sciences and Technology Research Institutions” team members took part in this Forum and in order to Ensure EQUAL-IST Project sustainability, they SIGNED the Technology Pact. The Technology Pact signers have taken commitment to undertake and fulfil the following till 2020:

1) to establish a corporate culture to ensure the development of leadership regardless of gender.

2) to implement annually three or more activities for women and girls in stem with the aim to create favourable conditions for realizing women`s potential.

3) to make monitoring and report on results in order to enhance the effect and impact of the technological pact for women.

Such collaboration ensures the maintenance of gender balance in the STEM sphere and improving the quality of STEM education in Ukraine by sharing experience and holding joint events.

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