Diagnosis of the Students’ situation – High School Carlos Amarante, Braga, Portugal

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Diagnosis of the Students’ situation – High School Carlos Amarante, Braga, Portugal

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On the 26th of April 2018: The Portugal EQUAL-IST partners participated at the “Diagnosis of the Students’ situation” event at the High School Carlos Amarante, Braga in Portugal.

This action was born inside a Portuguese governmental initiative of CIG institute called “Engineers by one day” with the aim of developing a presentation with a female engineer in several national high schools. From our EQUAL-IST team, the engineer was Ana Trigo, and she gave the presentation of her academic and professional path at the Carlos Amarante High School.

PROCESS: Ana Trigo (IEEE) prepared a presentation based on her field, electronics and computers engineering and made two dynamic sessions.

There were 2 classes, the first from the informatics area with 26 students (22 boys and 4 girls) and the second from sciences and technology area with 26 students (22 girls and 4 boys).

The presentations developed as following described:

  • Diagnosis Phase

Ana Trigo prepared a poll, but the internet connection just worked on the 2nd class. So, the poll in the first class was made oral by asking the students if they know what professional area they want to pursue. From the informatics course, just the boys knew they desired to pursue developer professions. The girls said they were there because they did not enter in the sports area. From science and technology, 3 from 4 boys said they were thinking in engineering, and 1 were thinking in biological science. From 22 girls, 4 girls want to pursue medicine, 3 girls want to pursue nurse profession, and 1 girl want to pursue industrial and management engineering. 14 girls said they don’t know want they want to be in the future.

  • Who am I, and why do I love technology?

Ana Trigo presented herself and her academic path and professional experience. She showed several roles she had an electronic engineer and project leader.

  • Explaining what engineering and technology is about and who is behind disruptive technologies

In this 3rd phase, Ana Trigo explain what the possible paths are by taking an engineering or technology academic course. There were showed several areas and professions. Engineers role models were delivered to students, female and male. Students were incredibly admired by the female examples such as Mary Barra, Erica Baker or Elvira Fortunato.

  • Exercise and Doubts

The students were challenged to give one example of some technology they would like to see in the future. They answer with a flying car, domestic and autonomous robots, VR scenarios, among others. Ana Trigo delivered some example of companies working in the examples they would like to see in the future and the engineers’ role to shape the future.

RESULTS: Ana Trigo received several contacts after this meeting by the students asking how they could know more, and a request was made by the school director: to be back in the next year.

From experience, Ana Trigo felt that students had a lack of knowledge regarding engineering and technological careers. Students from sciences and technological area show they have knowledge about medicine roles (they referred tv shows such as Grey’s anatomy and Doctor House) and encouragement since they referred their parents support their options to follow health-related careers.