Women, Technologies and Work: The Digital Gender Gap

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Women, Technologies and Work: The Digital Gender Gap

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An event entitled ‘Women, Technologies and Work: The Digital Gender Gap‘ was organized in collaboration between the EQUAL-IST research team and the UniMORE Unified Committee of Guarantees (CUG).


The event was held on 6th March 2018 at the Department of Law of the University of Modena, with 78 participants, targeted to researchers, UniMORE staff members, and public. The event aimed at raising awareness about the digital gender gap in job environments, and in particular in the academic institutions. Claudia Canali presented the results of the gender internal audit carried out during the EQUAL-IST project, in terms of both qualitative and quantitative results, the main identified challenges in UniMORE along with the planned GEPs actions. The event was an occasion to initiate a collaboration with the members of the PLOTINA Project of the University of Bologna: Prof. Benedetta Siboni (President of UniBO CUG) was invited as a speaker at the event to illustrate the ‘Gender Budgeting’ initiative at UniBO (http://www.unibo.it/it/ateneo/chi-siamo/bilancio-di-genere). The event also reinforced the collaboration with the Modena Municipality on activities related to gender equality: Council Members were invited to illustrate the activities carried out and the services available in the city and aimed at the improvement of citizens digital skills and competencies.