Supporting GEP implementation

The EQUAL-IST «Supporting GEP Implementation» section consists of a series of Webinars Supporting the way towards the Implementation of Gender Equality Plans in Research Performing Organizations and an online toolkit which is intended to be an agile reading example of good practices, concrete initiatives, tools and guidelines which have been found to be suitable for Computer Sciences and Information Systems Departments/Faculties to promote, make structural changes for gender equality at a University or Research Organization level.

EQUAL-IST Webinar Series

“Towards the implementation of the Gender Equality plans.”

Significant individuals have honored us with their participation in our webinars, providing us with different perspectives and new information on matters relevant to the position of female researchers and gender equality in the ICT/IST area.

The issues discussed so far were the following:

  • “Gender-sensitive communication.”
  • “Attracting and motivating girls toward STEM & ICT studies & professions.”
  • “Enhancing female researchers’ careers in ICT/IST.”
  • “Sustainability of Gender Equality Plans & structural change measures.”

From September 2018 a set of additional webinars will be organized covering new areas relevant to the EQUAL-IST Project and objectives.

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