Our Second Webinar on Attracting and motivating girls toward STEM and ICT studies and professions has been completed successfully.

Our Second Webinar on Attracting and motivating girls toward STEM and ICT studies and professions has been completed successfully.

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The Webinar was part of the EQUAL-IST Webinar Series: “Towards the implementation of the Gender Equality plans”, was held on the 16th of January 2018 via the “GoToMeeting” app and was about “Attracting and motivating girls toward the STEM and ICT studies and professions.

Significant speakers like Bianka Siwinska from the Educational Foundation “Perspektywy,” Line Berg from the Norwegian University of Science and technology and Ester Van Schaick from VHTO and WiTEC have honored us, by presenting their Projects and their valuable good practices in the field.

Among others, the following issues were discussed:

  • Which arguments and communication strategies prove to be more efficient in reaching out and raising girls interest in STEM and ICT?
  • Which particular methods and tools are suitable, and did they show to function?
  • How universities can collaborate with schools, companies, NGOs and other stakeholders
  • Which costs and which funding models?

After the presentations, Q&As and a knowledge sharing session took place as well.

The Webinar has been recorded and we are at the very happy position to present you with a copy of it, here!

You can also download the presentations of our keynote speakers, which you can find below.

Perspectywy education foundation Dr Bianka Siwinska
Download file

Norwegian University of science and technology (NTNU), Line Berg
Download file

VHTO Dutch national expert organization on girls, Esther van Schaik
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Our Invited Keynote Speakers and a short biography.

Bianka Siwinska

Bianka Siwinska studied at Warsaw University, Humboldt Univeristät in Berlin and Columbia University in New York City. She conducted research in NIFU STEP in Oslo and has authored several books and research reports. She is a journalist Scientist and the executive director of Educational Foundation “Perspektywy.” She is also initiator of public campaign “Girls to Technical Schools” and Start-up Academy for female students of technical and exact sciences studies, as well as projects: “Lean in STEM”, “IT for SHE”, “Girls Learn!”, and “New technologies for girls” scholarships.

Line Berg

Line holds an MBA from EAE in Spain and a Bachelor in International Business from Griffith University, Australia. She has lived and worked in Australia, Argentina, Korea and Spain and now works as the project manager of the Girl Project Ada at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology with recruiting more females to the ICT studies. NTNU Film Working for more girls in STEM

Ester Van Schaick

Ester has been working as Policy Officer at VHTO, a national expert organization on women in the STEM in the Netherlands, since 2009. She is responsible for evaluation, research, analyzing quantitative data and coordinating European projects. She is also coordinator of the European Association for Women in Science, Engineering, and Technology (WiTEC) – the Netherlands.

Thank you all very much!