Important news related to the EQUAL-IST project are presented below.

Workshop on “Implicit gender biases during evaluations: how to raise awareness and change attitudes?”

A workshop organized by the European Commission, with 70 participants, including our Maria Sangiuliano (gender expert, UNIVE) will take place in Brussels, today! The outcome of this workshop is to develop a common understanding on how to identify and avoid implicit #genderbiases during the evaluation process in research, and in particular in Horizon 2020. The…

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Numbers speak louder than words!

According to the EC’s “Women active in the ICT sector” report: For every 1,000 women in the EU with a degree, only 29 have a specialization in ICT compared with 95 for men Only 4 in 1,000 will work in the ICT sector Women are far more likely to leave the sector mid-career So, the…

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Crowdsourcing platform: the implementation path

The release of the CrowdEquality platform is just around the corner. We would like to present you, some steps during the implementation phase. A little while before the first Capacity Building Session, which took place in Venice, the WWU team presented their ideas for the platform implementation. A first visualization of the interface and the…

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Interview about Gender Equality Perspectives in Ukraine

International Women’s Day is one most discussing topics in Ukrainian society. Gender stereotypes, intolerance and discrimination make the women’s career growth neither impossible than wishful. The interview was organized to discuss tendencies that are to observe in the modern society’s development and the most important problems of misunderstandings that we should solve to build our…

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Happy International Women’s Day!

We wish you Happy International Women’s day with a promise! We will keep on working to foster gender equality in the ICT sector and soon you will also be able to contribute to the CrowdEquality platform. Your opinion matters to us! You can all be part of the structural changes in ICT institutions.#internationalwomensday #equalist #genderequality…

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