Important news related to the EQUAL-IST project are presented below.

Interesting Readings of the Month – September 2017

We have collected some interesting readings and publications published regarding Gender Equality in Information Science and Technology from Partners, Institutions and researchers which provide news ideas and points of view on the matter of Gender Equality in ICT/IST. We kindly recommend you, to have a look at them so you can keep in touch with…

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The first project year at a glance – The implementation process and what is coming up next

While most of the universities are closed due to summer holidays, the EQUAL-IST project partners are working intensively to design the first version of the Gender Equality Plans (GEPs). We have prepared for you a presentation of the work that has been conducted until lately, before we introduce our Gender Equality Plans. If you want…

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1st synergy meeting report, available

We are very happy to announce that our 1st synergy meeting report is available to download! Thank you Plotina, Baltic Gender, EFFORTI, SAGE, GENERA, LIBRA and your representatives that were so kind to participate to our first meeting. If you like to follow the news and keep track of our common efforts to promote #genderequality…

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Workshop on “Implicit gender biases during evaluations: how to raise awareness and change attitudes?”

A workshop organized by the European Commission, with 70 participants, including our Maria Sangiuliano (gender expert, UNIVE) will take place in Brussels, today! The outcome of this workshop is to develop a common understanding on how to identify and avoid implicit #genderbiases during the evaluation process in research, and in particular in Horizon 2020. The…

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  • Graz, Austria

Presentation of EQUAL-IST project and crowdsourcing platform at the 16th Annual STS conference Graz 2017

During the 8th and 9th of May 2017, the 16th Annual STS conference was held in Graz, Austria, where the EQUAL-IST project was presented. Invited Chair of the Session: “Gender equality plans for higher education and science in STEM areas” with the presentation “Gender equality in ICT departments in European collaborations in nano S&T” by…

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