Crowdsourcing platform

The EQUAL-IST crowdsourcing platform is an online tool aimed at facilitating participatory co-design of Gender Equality Plans (GEPs) for employees and students at the participating Research Performing Organisations (RPOs). The platform goal is to facilitate idea generation and internal discussions, supporting the design and implementation of tailored GEPs.

During the GEPs design phase: the platform will serve as a tool to identify the practices to be included into tailored GEPs for each RPOs.

During the GEPs implementation phase, the platform will support the discovery of measures and activities for implementation of tailored GEPs at each RPO.

Following the idea crowdsourcing approach, where ideas are proposed, discussed, and ranked by several constituency groups, the EQUAL-IST crowdsourcing platform will enable a public discussion for enhancing gender equality at RPOs and beyond.

The Platform will be available in March 2017.